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Effects of Chinese Medicine Herbs Jiegusan on Fracture Healing in Dogs

Posted by Collins
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Bone healing is a complicate procedure involved many factors. Usually the healing is based on reduction and fixation. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been reported that it is useful in promoting blood cycle, increasing abortion of calcium and phosphorus and stimulating the growth of bone cell, which showes its special advantage in bone healing. In this experiment, a few Chinese Medicine Herbs such as GuSuiBu were made into the composite prescription of JieGuSan and administrated orally to dogs that had tibial fracture, observing the changes in the radiography, biomechanics, histology, serum biochemistry, blood rheology and providing the theory basis for using the Chinese Medicine Herbs to promote fracture healing in small animal clinics.Study on Promoting the Tibial Fracture Healing in Dogs with Chinese Medicine JieGuSanObjective:To observe the effect of Chinese Medicine Herbs JieGuSan on fracture healing in dogs. Method:12 adult mix-breed dogs divided into control group(group A) and experiment group(group B). One tibia of all dog was broken in a surgical way at the mid shaft, and fixed with intramedullary nails. Group B was administrated concentrate of JieGuSan orally each day while group A was not. Blood sample and X-ray examination were taken every 2 weeks. Radiography, serum biochemistry and blood rheology were checked with the blood. At week 6 and 12,3 dogs of each group be made euthanasia, and both side tibia were taken for biomechanical, histological comparison. Comparing with another group and observing the effect of Chinese Medicine Herbs JieGuSan on fracture healing. Result:Result of X-ray examination in group B showed better than group A; in histology, the callus of group B was more, and fracture lines was more close connected than group A at week 4; in biomechanics, maximum breaking load ratio and stiffness ratio of group B were higher than group A, and there was significant difference (P<0.05); After the operation, whole blood viscosity of group A went up at week 2 and week 4, then went down from week 6. when B group went up at week 2 and went down quickly at week 4; Comparing with 0 week, no significant difference was seen in serum calcium and phosphorus during the healing(P>0.05), however, ALP increase at week 2 in both groups, and there was significant difference (P<0.05) between week 2 and other weeks in group B; Group B had no significant changes of liver and kidney function test. Conlusion:The traditional Chinese Medicine JieGuSan administrated orally can reduct blood viscosity during bone healing, increase osteoblast activity, accelerate the callus formation and increases the biomechanics of fracture, no significant abnormalities of liver and kidney function, JieGuSan is effective for promote bone healing, it can be used for small animal.
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