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Software H.263-Based VLBR Video Encoder

Posted by MurraySr
TAGS: H.263.very_low_bit_ratevideo_coding
In this paper, the theory and implementing method of software VLBR video encoderbased on the ITU-T H.263 low bit rate video coding standard are studied deeply in orderto satisfy the demand of narrow-band video communication or multimediacommunication. Based on baseline H.263 video coding, many refined coding methods,such as Improved PB-frames and Advanced Intra Coding, and so on, are discussed toimprove the coding efficiency and to optimize video encoder. Generally, the highefficient coding methods are more complex and time-consuming, so some methods areintroduced to speed up, such as MMX technology adopted in DCT and motion estimation.According to the experimental results of computer simulation and the tradeoff betweenreconstructed picture quality and coding speed, the optimized scheme of VLBR encoderis proposed.
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