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Comparison between FPSA/TPSA Ratio, PSATZ and (F/T) /PSAD in the Detection of Prostate Cancer in Patients with Gray-zone PSA Levels

Posted by Childress
TAGS: Prostate_specific_antigenBenign_prostatic_hyperplasiaProstate_cancer
Objective:To evaluate the clinical diagnostic value of FPSA/TPSA ratio (FPSA/TPSA), PSA of transition zone (PSATZ) and the (F/T)/PSA density ratio [(F/T)/PSAD] in the detection of prostate cancer in patients with serum PSA between 4 and 10 ng/ml.Methods:Total of 62 patients (20 prostate cancer patients and 42 benign prostate hyperplasia patients) were retrospectively analyzed.The concentration of TPSA and FPSA were detected by time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay and the volume of prostate was measured by transrectal ultrasound.Then FPSA/TPSA ratio,PSATZ and (F/T)/PSAD were computed by formula. The difference of FPSA/TPSA ratio,PSATZ and (F/T)/PSAD between the PCa group and BPH group were analyzed respectively.Results:There was no difference in TPSA between PCa group and BPH group.significant difference in FPSA/TPSA ratio, PSATZ and (F/T)/PSAD between two groups was found. The area under ROC curve of four indexes in descending order was (F/T)/PSAD,PSATZ,FPSA/TPSA ratio and TPSA.Conclusions:When the serum PSA level between 4ng/ml and 10ng/ml, FPSA/TPSA ratio, PSATZ,(F/T)/PSAD are of significant value to differentiate PCa from BPH patients. And the PSATZ, (F/T)/PSAD was better than the FPSA/TPSA ratio in diagnosis of prostate cancer.
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