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The Design of Control System for Dust-Filter in the System of Melting MgO

Posted by Jones
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The crystal of MgO is used wider and wider in the modern high-tech, meanwhile the need of the crystal is more and more. Melting MgO by electric iirc furnace is a kind of new technics, but dust will produce during the process of melting. We couldn’t let the dust into the air directly, so we must design a system to collect the dust.Sinter-plate filter is a new generation high-efficiency powder collector. Its performances are good in many aspects. Its application is spread at present. In the project of this paper, sinter-plate filter is used to collect the dust during the process of melting MgO.Based on the technics require of sinter-plate filter, according to the specific characteristic of melting MgO, the paper design a control system for the collector. In the paper, many factors is considered, such as economize on energy, EMC, operator and manage. PLC and auto-control technology and correlated knowledge are introduced in this paper.Selecting Modicon TSX Quantum PLC as the core controller, the paper designs a perfect control system for the collector. PLC collects signals from locale such as temperature; thickness; the location switch and the hand control switch, etc. PLC runs according to the project to control the electromagnetism switch, wind-generating motor, dust-unloading motor, three-channel switch, etc. In order to economize on energy, transducer is used to control the wind-generating motor. In the control, fuzzy control theory is applied. In order to make the system reliable and extendable, HSB Y and RIO structure are used. Meanwhile monitor and control software, MCGS, is used to design the monitor system to make the manage and maintain conveniently.In the system, computer technology, artificial intelligence, industry network and monitor and control technology are integrated used. The collector is controlled perfectly by using all thetechnology.The whole system runs reliably and the maintain is convenient. The design has a high utility value.
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