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Study on Flotation Process and Reagent of Fine Wolframite

Posted by Jones
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Nowadays,gravity concentration is used to recover fine wolframite, but the recovery of wolframite is lower than 45%.While the development of mineral process technology, magnetic separation, gravity concentration and flotation are used in recovering fine wolframite.In order to tackle the problem of recovering fine wolframite, the action law of wolframite and scheelite as functions of four collectors(GYB,731,GYR,TAB-3)was investigated by flotation experiments of pure mineral and Shizhuyuan ore in this paper. Then mechanism of wolframite and collectors was disscussed by functions of Zeta potential measurements and infrared spectroscopy.Results of pure mineral flotation showed that:Compared with single collector, the collecting capability to wolframite was improved through the combination of chelating collector GYB and fatty acids collectors.When the assistant collector dosage is more than 30mg/L, the relation of the collecting capability intensity is TAB-3>731>GYR. The collecting capability intensity to quartz, fluorite and calcite is different, the relation of the collecting capability intensity is GYR>731>TAB-3.Results of Shizhuyuan ore flotation showed that with the same dosage, the collecting capability intensity relation of three combinations was:GYB+TAB-3>GYB+731>GYB+GYR. The combination GYB+ TAB-3 could attain better flotation result than the others because of cooperative action.Using this combination, modified Na2SiO3 and Pb(NO3)2,when wolframite flotation feed contains 0.76%WO3, wolframite concentrate with grade of 55.36% WO3 and recovery of 87.29%can be received after one roughing, five cleanings and three scavengings.Results of Zeta potential measurements showed that the surface Zeta potential of wolframite shift negatively when acted by combined collectors, the chemical absorption took place on the surface of wolframite.Results of infrared spectroscopy showed that the chemical absorption took place on the surface of wolframite.What’s more,when the two collectors acted, the absorption peak is more obvious.
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