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Numerical Simulative Analysis of Complex Seepage and Optimal Design Scheme for Control of Seepage in Project Area of Pumped-storage Power Station

Posted by Melvin
TAGS: improved_nodal_virtual_flow_rate_methoddrainage_holefinite_element
The author has particularly researched into the correlated pre-processing, post-processing and numerical simulation of finite element analysis of seepage field and the schematic design of seepage control measures in the underground engineering of pumped-storage power station by summaring the former achievement.The main content and the feature of the paper are as follows:(1) Based on the available research achievement of drainage substructure, The second mesh programs and a series of correlated FEM pre-processing and post-processing programs were designed. Meanwhile, the drainage-hole’s boundary direct simulation method was introduced to simplify the simulation method of drainage hole based on the practical situations of computation, and the hydraulic models of overflow drainage hole in different working states were adopted into the available seepage flow mathematical model.(2) Based on the former achievement, the nodal virtual flow rate method to simulate unconfined seepage field was improved. The FEM numerical simulation program was designed for steady seepage field with densely distributed drainage holes in the improved nodal virtual flow rate method and the drainage-hole’s boundary direct simulation method. Meanwhile, the equivalent nodal flow rate method was improved and adopted into the FEM numerical simulation program. Through the computing of several different examples, the above-mentioned methods were verified.(3) The interpolation program with algorithm of inverse isoparametric mapping was designed and applied to the pre-processing and post-processing of practical project’s numerical simulation. Besides, to accomplish the post-processing work of computed result efficiently, the author designed a FEM post-processing program which can create water level contour line with phreatic line on any section in unconfined seepage field based on the available achievements and practical needs. Through the computing of several different examples, the above-mentioned programs were verified and achieved great convenience in project.(4) Combined with the practical problem and the character of FEM, the pre-processing computing program was designed in latent complex-material element method to simulate the fault. It was verified by a simple example, and helps a lot to avoid the complicated FEM pre-processing work in practical project.(5) The above-mentioned research results were applied into the seepage field simulation of the underground engineering of one pumped storage power station. According to the simulation results, the character of seepage field in the underground engineering and the effects of initial schematic design of seepage control on the seepage field were analyzed, and the proper suggestions about the seepage control measures distribution of the project were put forward as a result.
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